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    Not another mountain… plz…

    2009 - 04.06

    Two years ago my mother forwarded me an article about the Australian/Vogel Australian Award. I duly read it, thought ‘That would be nice, but it’s only two months away, perhaps next year…’, bookmarked the site, and promptly forgot about it.

    This morning, mum again forwarded me this year’s article about the competition. It closes in two months, again. I do wish The Australian would start banging on about it a little earlier in the year. January would have been nice.

    “But mum, it’s a literary award, and I primarily right fantasy adventure for teens and young adults,” I object. It’s a reasonably invalid excuse, but mostly I’m thinking: two months?!

    “You should think seriously about it,” she replies.

    Two months?!  Hell’s teeth!


    Singles Society

    2009 - 04.06

    I blame the existence of Singles Society on brother Andrew, who decided that Iought to write something ‘real’ instead of all this ‘fantasy stuff’.

    “But I haven’t got anything to write about in the real world!” I complained. I mean, let’s be fair – it’s not like I spend a whole lot of time here.

    But Andrew just laughed and suggested I just write about… my life. About being a young woman living in a character-ridden student house in London while blundering through a string of ridiculous romantic follies.

    I didn’t plan to take this idea very seriously – after all, it sounded like a perfect recipe for How To Lose Friends and Alienate People. But riding home that night, I suddenly realised the through-line of the story: the anti-chick lit novel. Girl starts and ends single – and that’s ok.