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    The War Within

    2009 - 12.31


    On an otherwise unremarkable day, in an otherwise unremarkable alehouse, on the wide-flung borders of the once-remarkable city-state of Avenel, a remarkable set of coincidences – so unusual in their nature that one might hardly call them coincidences at all – intersected like perfect pieces in a puzzle.

    Across Avenel and its urban sprawl hung a low, heavy heat, but there was also an edge to the atmosphere, like the faintest tang of electricity in the air. As though the world itself was ready to inhale, expecting something significant to happen.

    Within the Drunken Archer there could be found four brothers, only two of whom knew they bore any relation to the other. Three of these brothers were intimately yet hostilely known to one another, and all three were out incognito under the effects of a certain glamour, which would exactly protect them from detection by the other two. As the glamour worn by each brother had been brewed by the same hand, it so came to pass that the trio were each haunted by the frustrating, intuitive knowledge that they ought to know one another very well indeed, even though they seemed to be looking upon perfect strangers.

    The fourth brother knew very much about the other three, but was absolutely invisible to them, a feat for which no glamour was required. For Nimrod was known generously as an eccentric, but most commonly as quite mad. People were often known to go out of their way to not see – much less speak – with him.


    The Brit Writers Award

    2009 - 12.31

    In theory, I’m entering the Brit Writers Award in February. To be specific, I’m allegedly entering 4 pieces – the first three chapters of Life in Me, The War Within and The Book of Beginnings and also the short childrens story The Silence of the Snow Dogs.

    Yeah, I know, I’m kind of laughing too. But hey, it’s January 31. The one day of the year when it’s okay to dream that we can be something more tomorrow than we were today.

    Ghost of Christmas Present

    Ghost of Christmas Present

    Tonight will no doubt see some pub action with Trud and Bram and I suspect the latter hours of the year will be spent trying to spot David Tennant in whatever bright girly top he (inevitably) wears to Jools Holland’s Hootenanny. As a little aside of interest to the nerds among us, the Daily Mail curiously claims that the BBC has scheduled an over-kill of the lovely DT over December, with him making a mere 75 appearances in three weeks over TV and Radio. Blimey. They must be the only ones complaining – can’t have too much of a good thing if you ask me. I mean check the man out as the Ghost of Christmas Present in Catherine Tate’s Nan’s Christmas Special. Hello, he can damn well haunt me any time he likes, and I don’t even like skinny jeans.

    Anyway, since I am setting myself an impossible deadline for February 26 – impossible deadlines being my speciality, of course – I’ll be grateful for any readers and critiques over the next few weeks [shameless hint].