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    Bagpipes: MIA

    2010 - 08.07

    It’s Ed Fest 2010, I have 90 minutes invaluable work time in which the 3Ness article urgently requires revision and 40 pages of script even more urgently require being written. Which is probably why I’m uploading very silly photos of Cec’s farewell to Facebook and writing an entirely un-urgent blog instead. Yes, I am that bad.

    Here’s the view from my window in Starbucks on the Royal Mile . Yes, I’m in Edinburgh – one of the most beautiful UK cities, retaining not only its unspoilt character but also its centuries of hard accumulated dirt – in Starbucks – but I am not ashamed because there are coffee shops here with whole lists of how to behave on their premises with laptops – ie don’t bring them in and take up valuable seating space for hours on end while consuming one small latte – so there. I’m here, I have a power point (an item conspicuously missing from the hostel room) and an apparently charmingly ancient table that wobbles worse than me after half a glass of wine.

    Anyway, improvements on last year’s trip include not living with a madman Braveheart impersonator plus claymore – I’m still absolutely paranoid that I’m going to run into Jon somewhere on the Royal Mile, this city surely can’t be big enough for the two of us, even during Festival – and living right under the castle. And having an iPhone so I can plan on the run and even remain more or less found (as opposed to perpetually lost) when unaccompanied by navigator/nominated adult Poppy. She’s currently in a real cafe, you know, a small family business type that probably has better coffee but would frown upon me, my Wonder Woman shirt, the unavoidable hunt for a table near a power point and the unpacking of theĀ  laptop. (more…)