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    A Meeting of Me

    2012 - 05.19

    I’m three months shy of my 30th.

    Whatever anyone (generally those already through the gates, who all hate me right now) says, it is a landmark. It looms. It is a reminder of dreams, goals and promises made by Younger You.

    I don’t know about you, but I have a conflicted relationship with the Younger Adeles. I’m trying to explain to a couple of them where I am now, and by and large, they’re looking at me like I haven’t just made a wrong turn, I’ve lost the map, if not the entire plot. They are shaking various ‘before I’m 30′ checklists at me, woefully unchecked.

    So if I’m honest, this Meeting if Mes – it isn’t going brilliantly.

    They don’t care that I’m as single as they were; they never have. They do, however, want to know what happened to my equestrian career; a couple of them are not hugely impressed at the financial situation (although others are not the least surprised); and don’t even get them started on the question of That Book That’s Supposed To Be Finished, Remember?

    I understand their confusion. Adele of a year ago, for instance, considered the group exercise studio to be the actual and only point of a gym. The gym floor was a foreign country, a place where people inflicted complicated looking machinery on their bodies, grunted and generally displayed a range of expressions amongst which enjoyment was suspiciously absent.

    Adele of five years ago had never even stepped inside a gym. (more…)

    Taking the 48Hr Challenge

    2012 - 05.05

    >> post originally written for and posted on Chris Jones’ blog

    I’ve been going to the SF London Film Fest a few years now, and annually considered the people who undertook the 48Hr Film Challenge to be a pack of loons. Having now completed it, I can safely confirm this as truth.

    I’m a novice writerly sort myself; this whole film-making business is something I considered better left to people better qualified. But after watching a couple of the 2011 shortlisted films at the SFX Weekender in February, I had an itch. I also had a twitter account and predilection for enthusiastic tweetage.

    By the close of the Guerrilla Film Masterclass a few weeks later, I accidentally had a huge team of very awesome (and far more qualified) people wanting to do this thing. I accordingly called them Team Awesome and we got started.

    How awesome? THIS awesome.

    Let it be said: Team Awesome was absolutely a team affair, as was always my intention.  I didn’t assemble a group to carry out my particular vision; I assembled a team to produce a film in which we could all claim creative ownership. Mission Objective 1 was obviously to complete and submit a great film; Mission Objective 2 was to have a damn good time doing it and build creative partnerships that would far outlast the key 48 hours. In this, we absolutely succeeded, with a hugely enjoyable shoot and plans already afoot for further films.

    We were a team of 19 in the end, 18 of us innocent 48Hr virgins. Veteran Edward McLeod Jones bought invaluable advice on workflow, which got us across the line within time, and that was despite set-backs in post.

    Whatever the competition rules on “preproduction”, PREPARATION is absolutely key to these events. I’ll first explain our preparation; then you can then see the film and I’ll explain our reflective conclusions. As first-timers, the learning curve was MAHOOOSIVE.

    Much like Alex’s… gun…