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    The Year Of Making Mistakes

    2013 - 04.22

    So, 2012. I tried a few things new. They say that

    and if that’s the case, then I was trying real hard. 2012 was The Year Of Making Mistakes.

    In the course of these mistakes, I bummed out on my writing. That’s how, in the end, I knew they were crappy mistakes, instead of mistakes that were Really Going To Make Everything Better!! Neil Gaiman did an amazing commencement talk for Stanford University where he gave a reliable compass to all artists in doubt: is your dilemma moving you closer to, or farther from, the mountain?

    Man, my compass was waaaaay off, because that mountain was behind me and it took a while to find the path back to it.

    But I did, so it’s time to

    But that means taking risks, right? It probably means being wrong a whole lot. It’s like

    But this year, I’m going to make better ones. Because I need to play catch up and apparently

     So I don’t know about the wisdom part, but I do know that I need a progress acceleration, people. So in the spirit of the sage advice above, I am dubbing 2013 The Year of Making Mistakes In Public.

    You, my friends, are the public.

    I’m writing stories and putting them on my website and finding out whether they get read, and whether people will read from one to the next, and what’s working and for who. Because here’s the single best inspirational quotation I have seen for an artist:

    I’m minding the gap. I’m going to write and I’m going to post and I’m sorry that I’m not going to be amazing right now but I’m going to get better. I’d be grateful for some help along the way. The first story is up now, and since I’m an artist, and the statistics for making an income much less living from my writing are astronomically stacked against me, I’ve put in a virtual tip jar, in case you’d like to throw some change in.

    When I get my hands back on Photoshop, I’ll make it an actual tip jar, instead of just a button that says it’s a tip jar…

    So keeping to schedule may be a challenge, given my startling similarities to Dug. You know how it is. “I’m busy writing and is that a SQUIRREL?!”

    And after all those motivational quotes, I leave you with my favourite.

    Don’t ask why, because there’s