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  • With thanks for a miracle, or damn near close enough

    2014 - 10.30

    A miracle* is happening. A miracle 32 years, 449+ people and £14,225+ in the making.

    Literally my lifetime of scheming, dreaming, trying, failing, hoping, waiting, experimenting, working and playing in the fields of creative writing, fitness and geekery are intersecting in a Kickstarter campaign that completes its funding in exactly 24 hours from the time of writing.

    Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 17.51.28

    32 years in which I careened between interests, jobs and even countries, with no apparent road map, at times to my own despair and, I am sure, that of my family.

    Coming to the UK was… not accidental, but really only happened because of a wedding. Becoming a fitness instructor was… not accidental as such, but only really happened because of a combination of job loss + recession and the fact I was in the studio every lunch time anyway. It was a three year plan that has just hit 5 years, the longest I have ever held a job. Totally unintended. I had just found something I loved and was good at.

    Through it all, and always, I have written, almost daily; and I have watched and read, captivated by novels, films, TV series and comics. I’m never quite satisfied with real life, but always listening out for the next call to adventure.

    And tomorrow, I answer the greatest call. 449 people have invested their faith and money in me to produce Apocalypse Survival Training, a narrative fitness app that is a cross between an exercise class, personal training, life coaching and a rollicking adventure story.

    Although indebted to the first and only truly successful narrative fitness app on the market, there really is nothing out there quite like AST. It’s going to be insanely difficult to do. There are going to be twists and sheer drops on the road, most of which I won’t see until I hit them.

    This scares the shit out of me.

    It also ignites me with excitement, and every day I remind myself that fear and excitement are two sides of one coin, and that I’m going to have a lot more fun if I choose to be excited (do remind me any time you find me freaking out). And besides, I have amazing people beside and behind me.

    I am so grateful to every friend and every stranger who has gone onto the campaign page and said, with anything from a pound to a grand,  ‘yup, AST should totally Be A Thing!’

    Because of you, it will be. 


    And I will spend the next year doing everything in my power not to let you down.



    *Ok, I realise it’s not technically a miracle, but from where I’m sitting right now, behind the dashboard of the kickstarter campaign, it feels a lot like it. It’s certainly an extraordinary and welcome event and while there’s no identified divine agency involved, it still feels inexplicable that this has come to pass. So if it’s not a miracle, it’s damn near close enough for me.


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