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    2011 - 02.01

    BOOK 1: Mandala
    (or: Boy vs Destiny)

    Too much destiny is never a good thing, especially when quite a lot of it involves the likely premature death of the destined.

    Such is the burden on Lien, a boy with equal talent for instigating and attracting trouble, when he seeks the aide of a cursed spirit to save a friend, right some wrongs, kick some karmic ass and find out why everything awful ever seems to be his fault anyway.

    Saddle up for a swashbuckling adventure across Altica, a splendid medieval world where the taller the story, the more likely it is to be true. For our intrepid hero might be unprepared for the hazards of the wide and wild world, but not half as unprepared as Altica is for the force of nature that is Lien.

    LIEN by Anne-Laure Daviet – http://www.mi-chemin.net/carnet


    3 Responses to “Novel”

    1. Morgyn says:

      Adele, when or where can we find Lien? Entranced.

    2. Adele says:

      Thanks for the interest Morgyn! Lien is still in rewrite, but there’s a (long) short story at http://www.adelekirby.com/short-stories/ which encapsulates the characters, world, themes and tones of the book x

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