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    2011 - 02.01

    logo turqoise website





    An audio fitness adventure is basically an episodic audio book to work out to. It places the user in the heart of an action adventure story to make their exercise way more entertaining.

    My company Imaginactive Fitness is in pre-production for our first full length series APOCALYPSE SURVIVAL TRAINING, which you can read more about here. Imaginactive is raising the funds for the series here on Kickstarter, where we’d love your support to make our dream of a revolution in fun fitness a reality!

    You can hear samples about the alpha test episode HARDMAN’S ARMY here, and read feedback from testers here.




    60 min continuing TV drama (SPEC SERIES)

    A brilliant female psych-profiler hunts a taunting serial killer by reliving murder cases – as the victim.

    VANDAL is a prime-time crime drama with an edgy sci-fi twist, exploring the deadly enmity between a damaged profiler and a serial killer bent on forcing her to embrace her dark side again.

    The show combines serial and episodic elements, built around violent confrontations between Vandal and murderers whose crimes she investigates in the present.

    These confrontations are facilitated by a prototype machine allowing her to ‘split’ short periods into the past and the bodies of the victims. But for every life she saves, Vandal draws closer to a man who is everything she’s desperate not to be herself.

    VANDAL Proposal
    Vandal Sample




    2011 short film co-written with writer/director Lauris Beinerts for 2012 festival release

    A whimsical comedy about creating remarkable situations from a most unremarkable question.

    “Is this free?”
    “Yes, of course!”
    It’s a standard question, which we all follow with a standard response as we rush through our lives, too often disengaged with the real world. But for one man, this simple question is so much more: a chance to communicate, to challenge and to engage with others. An opportunity to laugh, to ridicule, and even be laughed at himself. And he invites us into his world, where no question is meaningless and every word counts.






    In April 2012 I led a team in the Sci-Fi London 48Hr Film Festival.

    Read all about it here on the blog.



    60 min radio play performed at Discworld event Hogswatch 2011

    When his violent, thick Conan rip-off character and a half-imagined monster blunder into the real world, a pulp comics writer must overcome his writers’ block to give depth to his character and shape to the monster, before the two of them can wreck vengeance on their ‘creator’.

    Sabre was written for performance at the Discworld fan event Hogswatch, November 2011

    SABRE: Script Sample


    Image: Alda Rana – http://www.mi-chemin.net/




    60 min continuing TV comedy-drama (spec series)

    In a London where extraterrestrials secretly live among us, trouble comes in all shapes and species. Mostly it comes as Rael: a free-running, ass-kicking, uncompromising force of nature who keeps the peace between locals and intergalactic visitors. 

    Trouble, meanwhile, keeps coming for Sienna, an unassuming teenager who would just like to survive family, school, and indeed each day: a tall mission since discovering that she’s stuck sharing her body with Rael, who insists on using it to save city, universe and everything.

     Join them as their lives of real/surreal collide weekly with entertaining, dramatic and emotional consequences.




    Blended animated/live action children’s continuing TV drama (spec series)

    In Estoria, Shai Starcross is a fearless young adventurer.

    In the real world, Shai Crossley is a bullied teenager, physically and emotionally scarred by the accident that also left his mother brain damaged.

    Guilt-stricken, Shai retreats further into his imagined realm. But when bullies at school drive him to attempt suicide, he instead finds himself in Estoria, expected to be his heroic alter-ego.

    Unsure whether he’s dead or dreaming, and befriended by a rebel Valkyrie, Shai embarks on an epic, dangerous journey through the myths and legends of mankind to find both the courage and way to get home.


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