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    2013 - 04.22

    Short stories are hard. Harder than you might think. And from me, rarely as short as they should be. Here are a selection from the last few years, mostly linked into my novel or script world.

    If you do read, I would love to hear from you!


    1. VANDAL – The Cage

    It’s a love story, of sorts. The kind where neither can fall in love with the other. With time travel and fruity-smelling boxing gloves thrown in.

    From my spec TV concept VANDAL


    2. SUMMER WITH SARAH – Much Ado About Sarah

    This frothy frippery originally came from wanting a good reason to shoot a short film with light sabres. Over a few weeks that simple desire transformed into a story about a grandmother, mother, daughter and her friend who enjoy a healthy fantasy life playing video games, but live, in a fully immersive Virtual Reality world, where they create their own perfect men – and about the four men in the real world who are trying to get their attention. This will be an episodic series, and will eventually get to those light sabres…


    3. CHIVALRY – in memory of student halls

    Written in about 2009 as a gift to a friend, this story is ridiculous, hyperbolic and over-written but such a joyful memory of the people I lived with and the nonsense that went on in my years in student halls that I have left it as is.



    Silence was written around 2010, while I was a nanny in Italy, and as a parting gift to the daughter of the family. It’s a children’s story, about an intrepid young school girl, Lena, who must solve the mystery of the ghostly Snow Dogs before her own beloved dogs are taken by the winter spirits. 


    5. LIEN – The Apparent Drunk

    Lien: Mandala is the first novel in my Lien YA fantasy series, a Boy vs Destiny story which is enormous fun to write and which I hope will be just as fun to read. The first few pages of the this short were written in 2012, a creatively catastrophic year for me, and at that time, the writing of it was like trying to squeeze blood from a stone.

    I picked it back up in 2013, when it took on a life of its own. I think, in the final word count, it could be technically classified as a novella. Which it is not. It’s just a rather long short story – but hopefully worth the read. Let me know.

    From my novel LIEN: Mandala


    6. A Short Treatise On Why I Am Still Single

    In which I fall in love with a jacket, or possibly a man, and then certainly a fantasy of the man, which despite his being a pretty decent prospect, usurps any possible reality. In short, why I am fast approaching my 10 year anniversary of undisturbed spinsterhood. 


    7. THE SHADOWLANDS – Chapter 1

    It started with a Facebook AUTHOR ASSIST post, which yielded the following comment:

    Adele – why don’t you write about a peripatetic personal trainer who flips in and out of a world where she fights for good over evil.

    I initially thought that was a ridiculous idea. And then I couldn’t quite shake it. And then I was working on a world concept for Audio Fitness Adventures called The Shadowlands and I started exploring the idea…and then this sort of happened. I have no idea I will be able to continue it but it was a hoot to write and is by far the closest thing to my real life that I have ever written.

    4,500 words





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